The main objects are:

  • To arrange events on a national basis, the form of which to be at the discretion of the host choir.
  • To encourage member choirs to arrange regional events in between the national Festivals.
  • To provide a channel for the exchange of information and discussion of mutually relevant matters.
  • To provide a wider platform for modern liturgical music and specialist training.
  • To provide a network for directors, organists and singers on the move or requiring assistance.

There is no subscription, and membership of the Association is open to all Cathedral Voluntary Choirs, by whatever name they are known.

Since its formation in 1996, the Association has settled into a format of normally holding a weekend national event every eighteen months in either the spring or the autumn, often over one of the weekends of half term.

As by definition member choirs of the Association are well spread out, the organising of the Association is taken on by the choir holding the next event. In addition to planning, financing and organising a main event, the host choir handles the administration of the Association during the period running up to it. This method spreads the burden, each choir only being required to take responsibility for eighteen months.

Since 2016 the website has also become the responsibility of the host choir, having been changed to a user-friendly WordPress site.