It will always be necessary to have a section of the website where documents of interest relating to the History of ACVC can be kept.

A list of music, together with the Directors, Organists, and basic costs (if known) of past weekend Festivals has been put together for interest, and as assistance to anyone planning a future Festival.  ACVC festival music, fees and other details 1997 – 2016

In 1996 a survey was carried out by members of Wells CVC, and details and the results can be found on the page, Formation of ACVC, under History above.   Twenty years later, leading up to the Wells 2016 Festival, Lynne Browning (Wells), one of the original instigators of the founding of ACVC, decided that it would be interesting to repeat the process, in order to see what has changed in that time.  This time nineteen Cathedrals responded and you can find the ACVC survey undertaken 2015-16 – results here.